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Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser

£258.29£319.96ex. VAT

The TPT125 317mm Triton Planer is designed as a high performance Triton thicknesser with 317mm /12-1/2" cutting width. 17,500 cuts per minute. Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments.

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Product Details


The Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser, a high-performance tool that stands as a testament to quality and service in woodworking tools.

Introducing the Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser, a high-performance tool that stands as a testament to quality and service in woodworking tools. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the TPT125 is ready to meet your needs.

This planer/thicknesser features a robust 317mm cutting width and operates at a remarkable 17,500 cuts per minute. It's designed with a 4-post column for smooth, accurate vertical movement, ensuring precision in every cut. Adjusting the depth of cut is a breeze, with increments of 1.6mm for maximum versatility.

The TPT125 doesn't compromise on safety or cleanliness. It comes equipped with a circuit breaker for electrical safety and a dust chute for efficient dust extraction, keeping your workspace clean and safe. Large infeed and outfeed tables provide added support for longer workpieces, enhancing the tool's functionality and your overall productivity.

This planer/thicknesser is not just about power and performance; it's also about convenience. Quick access brushes allow for easy changing of worn brushes, and the crank handle ensures easy movement of the roller case.

Experience the difference a quality tool can make. With the Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser, you're investing in reliability, performance, and safety. Don't settle for less when it comes to your woodworking needs. Purchase today and let the TPT125 show you what it means to work with a truly quality tool.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberTPT125
Power Sourcecorded-electric

What's in the box

    • 1 x TPT125 240v 317mm Planer / Thicknesser

Product specification of Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser


4.7 / 5

Based on 168 reviews

Great machine, does an excellent job. Good company to deal with.

Moira Renwick, 29/10/2023

Good pice of kit I'm a hobbist it dose the job for me

carol deal, 27/06/2023

This plainer is an awesome piece of kit I work with a-lot of oak mainly 150mmx30mm and this machine eats the oak and leaves a +120 grit finish no sanding needed . I fixed it up with my vac and I was very surprised how good the extraction port works surprisingly keeps on top of the chipping . Very quiet compared to my last thicknesses which as a Bosch

Andrew liddle, 11/06/2023

Great machine

Mr William J Hadley, 14/05/2023

Beautiful finish in timber, with plenty if oomph for wider boards

Thomas, 27/04/2023

Minimum set up involved - fix its handle and just start. Easy to use, some tries for familiarity - "then great results". Well worth the outlay and great machine. IFC.

Iain C., 21/04/2023

Smooth transaction and machine works just fine.

Ian DuCane, 06/02/2023

Only had chance to use on a couple of pieces so far but happy with the results. Excellent service from FFX Tools, super fast delivery. Happy customer will return again. 👍

Richard Peck, 16/01/2023

I’m very happy to work with this planer easy to use and powerful enough for me

Nikolay Karakolev, 08/10/2022

Better than expected

Michael Breslin 1, 05/05/2022

It does exactly what it says on the box the only draw back is the dust extraction chute doesnt get rid of the waste even with a vacuum attached

MARK, 09/04/2022

Really poor thicknesser. I've had 4 now and each time the motor fails. First took 4 months to fail and the third took 5 weeks. When it does work you get about 50mm worth of snipe on both ends of the board.

Steve, 02/04/2022

Excellent machine and rapid delivery.

Iain Gray, 29/03/2022

Great piece of kit would recommend.

A.W. , 28/02/2022

Did a cracking job of leveling out some rough timber

Darren A, 13/02/2022

Seems to fit the bill for me - very pleased

David Duckworth, 26/01/2022

Still new and it seems robust but very impressed with the finish this planer gives especially for the price

Ian G, 04/01/2022

Does what it says on the box

Mark, 01/01/2022

An excellent product for the price. Beats or matches other higher priced branded products.

Peter, 27/12/2021

Absolutely exceptional

Brendan, 30/08/2021

unfortunately my planer developed a fault after only a few uses, luckily FFX replaced it for me without any hesitation

Mr mark H, 25/08/2021

I have had so much bad luck with this planer ,Day one Got a broken one ,Lift on the frame was cracked .Next one handle was turning itself down and adjusting the height ,Now NUMBER THREE Planer ,Well it's getting better or is it ? This one as so much snipe its insane , I have to say I am very disappointed at this point in time with this planer ,Seeing as I've had three now, I feel I need to get a refund .

Karl, 20/08/2021

Excellent product

ian holloway, 15/08/2021

So far so good great finish and I am using old pallet wood looks like new

Elizabeth Morgan, 06/08/2021

10 for 10.

Pawel Ciurko, 04/08/2021

Would reccomend this product, well built, very easy to set up and use straight away. Very good value for money, great for my workshop needs.

LT, 02/08/2021

Excellent product

Jane Atkinson, 29/07/2021

Perfect for home diy.

Sue, 29/07/2021

Used it first time brill just what I needed

Michael Friend, 28/07/2021

Silk smooth surfaces, couldn’t sand it that good. Exceptionally impressed.

Stanley, 26/07/2021

Great bit of kit. Perfect service. Fast delivery and great price

David Powell, 21/07/2021

Not an expert but easy to set up and use with a clean tidy finish.

John, 21/07/2021

The product does what it says on the box, although to early for real review. What was disappointing and I’m sure overlooked, we we’re missing the extraction dust cover screws.

Mario Duarte, 20/07/2021

Not had it long but it does a good job of planing boards. There is a little bit of snipe, but I think this is the nature of the beast with this design of planer. Passing the wood through diagonally seems to minimise this. Obviously not a solution if it’s full width. It does produce a very smooth surface, almost too good the sand. It does produce a lot of shaving so it’s a good idea to hook it up to some form of extractor. Or just be ready with the broom. Overall I’m pleased with my purchase and as always FFX service was exemplary.

John D, 18/07/2021

well made machine works well .set up is easy attach handle one bolt tool provided and away you go .my feed in and out tray were spot on but adjustment if needed is simple to perform a bolt with a lock nut .you do need ear defenders while using this machine as it is loud .the results are outstanding .

ALAN STICKLEY, 18/07/2021

To say I'm happy with the Planer would be the understatement of the cetrory. Super well made and works great. Only one small downside, even with a dust extraction system in place you still get "SOME" but not much waste shooting out. However, it's a workshop, not a dining room lol so no big deal. I can highly recommend this Planer/Thicknesser and was very happy with FFX where I perchestit it.

Cooper, 12/07/2021

Absolutely delighted with this product!

Edward Hughes, 11/07/2021

On initial use it does a good job on timber prep ,will be good for what I need to do as a d I y er

Mr John Manterfield, 09/07/2021

Good price, excellent delivery service. Planer prepares wood to a very acceptable standard. So far very pleased and hopefully it will continue to produce a high standard in the months to come.

Dean Cross, 07/07/2021

Great service, fast delivery, and a fantastic machine. Thanks FFX.

Michael Clarke, 05/07/2021

Excellent product for the money

M J, 05/07/2021

Fast delivery great quality

Mary Moreland, 03/07/2021

Excellent addition to my tool kit. Finish on the wood is fantastic (no need to sand). Nowhere near as loud a I was expecting. Smooth intake of timber and simple adjustment of depth with a very clear guide.

Mr Derek Chaplin, 02/07/2021

This is for my home workshop. It does a brilliant job and is an absolute bargain!

Antony Joyce, 30/06/2021

Great price excellent service from DPD

Nikolaos Agathos, 27/06/2021

Great bit of kit, not had long enough to give 5 stars.

Mitch Bichard, 27/06/2021

Great bit of kit

Si B, 26/06/2021

Rapid delivery, very simple to put together and works a treat

TOC, 25/06/2021


Mr Massey, 24/06/2021

Quick delivery, easy set up , works better than I thought .

adrian rockall, 24/06/2021

Spent a year trying to justify buying a thicknesser planer whilst reading countless reviews and spec sheets on numerous models. This was one of four or five that consistently rated highly. I have not been disappointed in it's VFM, ease of use, practicality and, most importantly when all is said and done, quality of the end product. If in doubt - buy it!

Alastair Simpson, 23/06/2021

Great very pleased with it. Robust and seems powerful

Gem, 23/06/2021

Looks a great robust machine ready for anything I throw at it 👍😊

Brian Moore, 16/06/2021

Excellent product using to thickness hardwoods beech , oak great finish

CustomerRichard Jackson , 13/06/2021

great piece of kit

customer, 11/06/2021

Only just started using the planer, I have mounted it on a movable workbench and it worked fine the first time of using, planes true and the finished timber is smooth to touch, it makes a change from my old thicknesser which I have had for years and worked well for years but I ended up having to force the wood through the Titon just glides through. All in all very pleased at the moment.

Carpenter, 10/06/2021

excellent product and great service from FFX again.

Anthony, 09/06/2021

No comment

George Tedford, 07/06/2021

Great machine,worked straight out of the box very pleased indeed.

Graeme Ling, 05/06/2021

Seems to be a good thicknesser. Only tried soft wood to date, but finish is very good. Found adjustable depth very sensitive- quarter turns on wheel possible. Noise levels- moderate, I would say. Chippings - a plenty, but can attach collecting piece and no doubt direct these into something. Overall quality seems good. Heavy piece of kit though- over 35kg Tip: Look out for deals and monitor day to day variation in price- before you buy.

Adrian Millman, 05/06/2021

Fantastic product. Don't know how I managed before

gary wooshouse, 05/06/2021

Absolutely excellent. Brilliant item, brand new and well preserved so so happy thank you! Connor, Norwich UK

Mr Anonymous, 04/06/2021

Excellent product

Mr G A Shorten, 04/06/2021

great bit of kit would buy again

Jamie Lee, 02/06/2021

Great machine. Leaves a smoth finish. Well worth the money.

Hugh, 31/05/2021

A well thought out planer. Very easy to set up and use.

David, 30/05/2021

Brilliant piece of kit. Easy to set up and use

teresa cresswell, 28/05/2021

brilliant piece of equipment well pleased

michael springett, 26/05/2021

excellent machine for the diy woodworker

Geoff Hallam, 18/05/2021

I can only comment on the Quality its still in the box until I get the work shop sorted

Dave and thanks for your order, 18/05/2021

excellent can't fault the value

Mr Stanyard, 17/05/2021

Really impressed with this. Easy to set up and works great. First job was a 3000/300/54mm oak slab and it planed it up with ease.

Artisan Industries, 12/05/2021

This is a great thicknesser, though the description is misleading as it is not strictly a planer as well, as the timber goes through the machine only and not over the top of the blade as it would with a planer. That said it works really well and gives a great smooth finish to the wood. It cleaned up Lauan and Oak with no problem at all.

Mr Connell, 07/05/2021

Seems to work well. The only niggle is that the chippings seem to exceed the capacity of the duct and I get a lot of waste on the floor. I'm glad however that I didn't go for the very cheap Screwfix option. This seems well made. Super quick delivery from FFX

Simon Rowlands, 07/05/2021

Works really well seems to do the job

christopher luke, 05/05/2021

Absolutely love it. Simple set up, immediate results and already making a huge impact on my projects. Very pleased.

Sarah K, 05/05/2021

Great machine at an affordable price

Steven Jackman, 05/05/2021

Great product. Would have liked a lock on the handle

Mr Andrew England, 05/05/2021

Very pleased with this tool

Martin, 05/05/2021

Produced a fantastic finish on a large piece of waney-edge chestnut for me!

Hamish Penson, 28/04/2021

Awesome bit of kit. Great value. Couldn’t be without it now

Jo , 28/04/2021

Excellent product excellent service up and running, no problems.very pleased.

worthles, 28/04/2021

Nice plainer for the price I paid and prompt delivery

mr hitchen, 28/04/2021


Mrs Campbell, 23/04/2021

Great product and great service.


Really pleased with this planer, especially for the price. Read on some of the reviews that it chips a lot but with my bosch vacuum connected, I didn't get any stray shavings

MR JOHN FALLOWS, 21/04/2021

Almost good to go straight from the box and give a great finish compared to my cheaper model. Also really easy to use and set up

Andrew Gibson, 14/04/2021

very little to do to get it going, works really well, longevity not tested as only had it a couple of weeks.

les scott, 12/04/2021

what a great piece of kit,would recommend highly....

steven king, 08/04/2021

Excellent piece of equipment.

C JONES, 07/04/2021

Excellent product. Robust, accurate and easy to use

Customer, 07/04/2021

Excellent product very happy with purchase

Fiona stuttard, 07/04/2021

Amazing 😁😄

Emma Shelton, 07/04/2021

all perfect

Dawid Wisniewski, 07/04/2021

Excellent quality machine

Mrs heather brown, 07/04/2021

Best bench thicknesser on the market

Karen Shevels, 01/04/2021

Very good machine .

JASON DYSON, 31/03/2021

I think it is value for money but I wish I had spent a little more and upgraded. Ideal for home hobbyists

Mr Simon Gray, 31/03/2021

Excellent bit of kit for the money. Only minor issue is infeed/outfeed tables aren’t the greatest but simple sled overcomes that. Expect would require similar on much more costly machines anyway. To be honest I bought this as a new ‘toy’ anyway so perfect for my needs.

Mr Jason Gault, 31/03/2021

Absolutely 💯 did exactly what I wanted it to do Simple set up easy to use

Custeve Forrester , 31/03/2021

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Triton TPT125 240V 317mm Planer/Thicknesser

£258.29£319.96ex. VAT

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