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Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator

£291.63ex. VAT

The Trend 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator will prove to be extremely useful to professional carpenters and fabricators. Approved to both BS EN 12941 TH2P-S and EN166 standards it operates two filters to keep you safer from dust and particles in the air.

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Product Details


The Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator, a tool that prioritizes your safety while you focus on delivering quality work.

Introducing the Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator, a tool that prioritizes your safety while you focus on delivering quality work. This powered respirator is an essential companion for professional carpenters and fabricators, designed to protect you from harmful airborne particles during woodworking or metalworking tasks.

The Trend AIR/PRO is approved to both BS EN 12941 TH2P-S and EN166 standards, ensuring your safety is never compromised. It operates with two filters, effectively shielding you from dust and other particles in the air. The motor is thoughtfully positioned away from the forehead, reducing noise and irritation, allowing you to work comfortably for extended periods.

The full-face visor not only maximizes protection but also provides all-round vision, ensuring your efficiency is not compromised. With an 8-hour runtime when fully charged, this respirator is ready when you are. An audible warning alerts you when the battery charge level is low, so you're never caught off guard.

The ergonomic design of the Trend AIR/PRO ensures balance and comfort, with the motor and other components strategically distributed for optimal weight balance. The respirator also features attachment points for optional ear defenders, adding to its versatility.

This product comes with two filters, a removable 8-hour NiMH battery, a battery charger, an airflow indicator, and a carry bag, providing you with everything you need to get started. Trust in the quality and reliability of Trend tools and make the Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator your go-to safety gear. Purchase today and experience the difference of a truly quality tool.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model NumberAIR/PRO
Masks/ Visorsdust masks

What's in the box

    • 1 x Airshield Pro Powered Respirator
    • 1 x Pair THP2 Fine Filters
    • 1 x 8 Hour Battery
    • 1 x Battery Charger
    • 1 x Carry Bag
    • 1 x Clear Visor Overlay
    • 1 x Airflow Indicator

Product specification of Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator


4.7 / 5

Based on 30 reviews

Great service, super fast delivery.

steven snowling, 07/12/2023

Does exactly what you need it to do

Mr Chris Edwards, 05/11/2022

Its OK, top heavy when leaning forward on the lathe, I will use it when sanding but not all the time

barry cook, 12/10/2022

works well lots air no dust cos i got bad lungs so great for me works brill thanks

MR & MRS ROBERT DAVIES, 18/08/2022

Fantastic quality service. Well done

Richard, 22/06/2022

Great bit of kit works perfect

nick cave, 10/06/2022

Great product but a little over priced

Mr Paul Newstead, 07/06/2022

Good all round fit thereby eliminating breathing dust and having wood shavings all in your hair and face.vPurchased as I was using seperate face mask and safety glases, which did steam up. The helmet offers a cool air flow and completley covers the head, works for me.

Christopher Wilkes, 21/01/2022

What a great item. This respirator doe's what it says on the box. Felt so much better now that the dust doesn't block my eyes and nose. Very pleased with the item and service that I have received. Many thanks

Nicholas Wardle, 22/11/2021

Works well if a little overpriced for what it does. Build quality could be better with higher quality plastic. Overall, generally pleased with it.

CollectPlus Customer, 27/12/2020

It is what I expected but it is not perfect. I like that it stays mist free and cool. I don't particularly like the adjustment for round the head, it is click based so if your head is between clicks it is either too tight or too loose. The textile between the visor and the wearer's head is not as good as it could be. It is elasticated, but cannot be tightened by the user so if you have a smaller head it doesn't feel snug. Quite what affect that has on the protection level from dust etc. is hard to judge. One thing that definitely improves the helmet's stability is a set of ear defenders. However, I wish Trend would make it clear that it is not just their defenders that fit. The Trend ones are not as comfortable as 3M offerings. Overall it feels better than wearing a mask, googles, and ear defenders but it could be improved. Trend will probably say the more expensive one has all the improvements I suggest...

Dave, Romsey, UK, 18/11/2020

wanted one for year just saw it was on offer absalutly fB just a bit noisy if you doing quiet work other than that spot on

justin hudson, 08/10/2020

Overall, it’s decent with good level of protection. It’s a bit top heavy so you have to tighten it a bit extra to compensate, this in turn does give me a bit of a headache after prolonged use. But, it saves the lungs and offers better protection over the Axminster one (which I almost went for until I spotted doesn’t protect well over MDF like this trend does) For the money, I’d recommend

Daniel Smith, 07/10/2020

Great respirator certainly worth the money And works well

gary henley, 07/10/2020

Great product. I bought this after a) relaxing my own ppe rules and getting sawdust in my eyes, and b) watching Paul Sellars on his You Tube channel using one. My first sight of the product. Not cheap by any means but offers protection to eyes and lungs in one. Room for glasses and beards! Air flow once you've turned it on is fantastic. A little noisy at first, but drowned out by power tools.

M Moran, 07/10/2020

A fantastic piece of kit and no more misting glasses. Very happy

Paul Hunter-Rowe, 07/10/2020

Did a great job

Andrew Earnshaw, 30/09/2020

Great product easy to use.

Martin Hurle, 23/09/2020

Works well. Using ear defenders is a difficult

Allen Bevington, 26/08/2020

Not the most comfortable thing to wear, and a bit nosiey Could've got cheaper at toolstation £20 cheaper

Mr steven carruthers, 04/05/2020

Much better than a normal respirator,good air flow

Robert, 23/03/2020

Excellent very good for wood carving and sanding jobs

Kristen and Brian Plant, 05/08/2019

Money well spent no more fogged up safety glasses and no chance of breathing in dust excellent

Daniel Stone, 23/03/2018

Excellent service - fast and efficient

Mr Paul Spiers, 12/03/2018

Early days yet but so far so good. Not heavy to wear, noise and vibration levels practically unnoticeable. Excellent clear vision of working area. Unsure of its impact protection from a bump hat point of view so need to make a POW risk assessment when using on site work but you would need to do that anyway.

Mark A, 10/03/2018

Works well and air noise is very low keeping the visor clear.

Peter Slaymaker, 09/12/2017

Takes a little getting used to but an outstanding addition to my working environment.

Paul Webdale, 01/12/2017


Mr king, 24/11/2017

Good kit to keep you healthy

Mr Mark Quigley, 27/10/2017

This was a gift for my Dad. He loves it.

Claire, 08/09/2017

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Trend AIR/PRO 240V Airshield Pro Powered Respirator

£291.63ex. VAT

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