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Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit

£108.29£119.16ex. VAT

The Makita DHG181 is an 18v LXT cordless heat gun. Featuring a maximum air temperature of 550°C. Simple to operate and created to make site work easier. Pre-set functions include drying, shrinking, moulding, and stripping paint and varnish.

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Product Details


The Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit, a versatile tool designed to make site work easier and more efficient.

Introducing the Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit, a versatile tool designed to make site work easier and more efficient. This cordless heat gun is a testament to Makita's commitment to quality and innovation, offering a maximum air temperature of 550 °C and compatibility with current nozzles for AC machines.

The DHG181ZJ is not just a heat gun; it's a multi-functional tool with pre-set functions for drying, shrinking, molding, and stripping paint and varnish. It's simple to operate, with an air temperature adjustment dial for stepless adjustment, ensuring the perfect temperature for your application.

This heat gun also features a LED job light with an after-glow function, enhancing visibility for precision work. The two-stage air volume setting allows you to switch between 120L/min and 200L/min, providing flexibility for various tasks.

Safety is a priority with the DHG181ZJ. It's equipped with a lock-on button, lock-off lever, and an anti-restart function. Overload protection is also included, ensuring the longevity of the tool. Changing nozzles is a breeze with the tool-less nozzle change and quick release mechanism, allowing for easy replacement without touching the hot metal part.

The Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit is ideal for all trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It's reasonably priced and comes in a Makpac Type 2 Connector Case with a glass protection nozzle, a wide slot nozzle, a reflector nozzle, and a reduction nozzle. Please note that this is a body-only machine, supplied without a battery or charger.

Experience the practical accuracy and reliability of Makita tools. Purchase today and be ready when you are.

Key Features

Model NumberDHG181ZJ
Power Sourcebattery

What's in the box

    • 1x DHG181 18V Heat Gun LXT
    • 1x Glass protection nozzle
    • 1x Wide slot nozzle
    • 1x Reflector nozzle
    • 1x Reduction nozzle

Product specification of Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit


3.8 / 5

Based on 13 reviews

This is a classic beautifully made Makita tool and it serves some of my purposes well. Firstly to defrost the car (carefully) without shattering glass... except the weather immediately changed and I only had one go. Then shrinking heatshrink sleeves on wiring, and bending spectacle frames. I tried to use it for separating a "solvent welded" soil pipe fitting, but I got better results with a briefly applied 240v paint stripper.. It has four attacment nozzles including a heat deflector allegedly for paint stripping next to glass but I have neither needed nor dared to try it! I love it but only give it four stars for maximum power output. I'm not chucking out that thirty year old 240v Bosch.

Peter Fox, 29/12/2023

Standard makita build, but the heat it gives out is not comparable with a mains powered heat gun. It is ok for heat shrink on cables. & defrosting frozen padlocks.but would be slow if stripping paint.

David , 09/12/2023

This is.probably the worst makita tool I have ever bought tbh. Not fit for purpose. Would.love to send it back.. Doesn't really get warn..

Steve Ashton, 05/07/2023

It's OK. The metal adaptors that push on seem a bit hit and miss and any long jobs would need a wired heat gun but for quick jobs and convenience it's a winner.

Derek_Clark, 03/07/2023

Handy being cordless, if you already have Makita tools then this heat gun is a perfect fit for your tool kit.

Mr Eade, 23/05/2023

Works well and gives reasonable use on one battery charge, if one criticism then I would have preferred higher temperatures !

Richard F., 18/05/2023

Awesome, FFX are awesome

Gary Plant, 17/02/2023

This product doesn’t really get that hot. It’s too expensive for what it actually does. I expected more from Makita!! More from Ffx on giving me a refund…

Samuel Guntrip, 21/01/2023

Very good easy to use

Craig Strange, 04/12/2022

Well made, good combination of features.

Nick Williams, 30/08/2022

Great heat gun. Wish it had been available last year, would have saved me buying a DeWalt when I really wanted Makita!!! But both will come in useful so I am not that sorry. The Makita is better though because the accessories do nto fit that well on the deWalt and also that machine has a parasitic battery draw that flattens a battery left attached within a month Dont see what this is when the switch seems purely mechanical but there it is - poor design I am afraid. Hoorah for Makita!!

steve, 30/06/2022

It’s well made as all Makita tools and it’s most powerful in the market but I expected more. The heat gun is good for small jobs, but for heavy use you still gonna need corded one.

Rendijs Sirmovics, 26/06/2022

Very good . Use it for heat shrink on cables, it takes a little longer than a blow torch but much safer and handier .

PHILIP BLACK, 10/06/2022

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Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun Bare Unit

£108.29£119.16ex. VAT

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