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Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand

£129.96£215.96ex. VAT

The Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand offers users two distinct adjustable working heights - 55cm or 80cm. Ideal for all Slide Compound saws, Mitre saws, and Table Top Mitre Saws.

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Product Details


The Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand, a versatile and practical addition to your workshop or jobsite.

Introducing the Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand, a versatile and practical addition to your workshop or jobsite. This stand is designed with the needs of both professional and DIY users in mind, offering two adjustable working heights of 55cm and 80cm to accommodate various tasks and user preferences.

The DEAWST05 stands out with its side adjustable extensions, providing maximum convenience and flexibility during use. Its design allows for easy storage and transport, as it can be folded flat without the need to disassemble the machine. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those who require a portable and space-saving solution.

Compatibility is another key feature of this stand. It is designed to work with table top mitre saws, mitre saws, and compound saws, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

The Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand is more than just a stand; it's a testament to Makita's commitment to quality, reliability, and practicality. Don't miss out on this essential workshop item. Purchase today and experience the difference that Makita brings to your work.

Key Features

Model NumberDEAWST05
Power Sourcecorded-electric
Product Typetable saw

What's in the box

    • 1 x Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand

Product specification of Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand


4.5 / 5

Based on 61 reviews

Good stand but a pain in the a….e to put together

Mr. GD, 10/09/2023

An ok stand let down by some poor design. The biggest issue is the single legs on the extension arms do not provide nearly enough stability for anything but light timber. This also gives a long lever making bending the bracket (about 3mm steel) far too easy. They also foul the base on the wheel side so if the extension needs to be adjusted across this its a faff. On my saw, with the roller/support set to the correct height, the adjustment knob sits right next to the bracket making tightening difficult. This may vary by saws but its unlikely to be by much. The ends of the legs on the non-wheel side is a separate assembly secured by 2 6mm bolts either sides. The weight of the saw and timber is therefore applying a sheer stress on these bolts. I'm not convinced how robust this will prove. I've used mostly Makita tools for years but the design quality and attention to detail really seems to have deteriorated. If I was starting buying tools again, it would no longer be Makita.

Jon Kelly, 06/09/2023

Product seems good quality time will tell? Only given 4 star rating due to instructions being so crap. If we now have to have pictures on how to assemble the least they should be is big enough to see without glasses as these need magnifying glass🤬

Gb, 13/08/2023

Great stand solid and strong.

miguel pinto, 13/08/2023

Very good brand and great price but I haven’t took out of the box yet !! But have used one before

michael, 28/07/2023

Perfect for what I need, if it had to be loaded and unloaded into the van on a daily basis, I'd definitely choose a lighter option (one without wheels).

Nathan Baker, 19/07/2023

So easy to move saw around site great bit of kit

Nicolas Kelly, 16/04/2023

Great bit of kit

Chris brown, 16/04/2023

Nice bit of kit

Nick Griffin, 23/10/2022

Got this for my 12" makita scms as moving it about manually hurt my back. It's a god send, just attach the saw fold it down and wheel it about on site. Only downside is the instructions are a bit poor but with a bit of perseverance it's a quality as you'd expect from makita

Antony Priest, 15/10/2022

Makes life easy the arms with legs are a life saver working with large timber

rob, 27/08/2022

Can't actually fault the item itself but the customer service I've had from FFX this time has been incredibly poor I ve used them multiple times before and never had a problem but this time is a different story

Kaleb Saunders, 10/07/2022

It’s okay apart from Plastic locking nuts which are Very brittle which I broke 1st outing apart from that okay

Mark Tooke, 30/06/2022

Excellent product well built and easy to use very good service from Ffx

Sarah Lock, 28/06/2022

Substantial mitre saw stand. Excellent long extension arms, quick and easy to fold and roll away.

James Stovell, 20/04/2022

Nice piece of equipment

Tim C, 10/03/2022

Great product - makes all the difference from having it on the ground

Dean Gauntlett, 21/02/2022

Very good accompaniment to my new saw. The quality is what I've come to expect from Makita. I have the LS1019L saw which is probably a bit on the large side for this table but it performs well and is stable in use. My only criticism is the instructions are awful, just a few small diagrams.

Andy B, 19/02/2022


Raivis Eizenbarts, 18/02/2022

I have never seen that the cart on colic had so many functions, it is sensational, I recommend everyone to mitre saw,

Marcin Malarz, 18/02/2022

Should of bought one years ago , makes the job easier and safer

MRS Pilling, 17/02/2022

Great product but seriously upset that a week after I bought it. You dropped the price by £50! There was no mention of a sale or price cut...

Josh , 03/02/2022

its very nice, easy to assemble however it only has a one year guarantee including the gas ram

mark john sherburn, 07/12/2021

Great saw stand for mitre saws, the only Makita one I’ve had that can be used to safely wheel around a 305mm Makita LS1219 without tipping… The fold out integral work supports are much much better than expected too.

CT, 05/12/2021

Great stand. I’ve had the dewalt in the past but this is so much better and easier

Daniel needs, 23/10/2021

Instructions are difficult to understand so assembly was tricky, youtube videos a great help with it.

Andrew Grant, 19/08/2021

Excellent product much better than the ws07 easy to use on your own and very sturdy

Paul, 18/08/2021

its made my job a lot easier

LD, 12/08/2021

Very happy

ALAN BURNS, 11/08/2021

Overall a good sturdy product,not sure the same could be said about the extension arms and instructions are pretty useless.

Simon., 11/08/2021

Good quality stand and easy to use. FFX are a great company for value and service. Definitely recommend these guys.

Gareth, 09/08/2021

An excellent add on for my new mitre saw!!

KGM, 26/07/2021

So easy to set up

Paul, 23/07/2021

Excellent service. Once ordered and paid for I gave my work address for delivery, and it came the next day.

Waterside building solutions, 08/07/2021

Industrial is a good word. Weighty and solid. Goes to together well.... thankfully easy enough to figure out, as the instructions require a Hubble telescope rated magnifier to read them. Almost a 2 man job to get in van, or source/make a ramp. That said. Built to last it would seem.. I'd have no issues with cutting sleepers on this.

Gerry, 28/06/2021

It's very well built hence the weight! But once the saw is on it you won't care as its easy to move around and set up

Mr Brendan Lumb, 29/05/2021

Great stand , not had long enough to give 5 stars . If its lasts its a 5

andrew garry, 28/04/2021

Excellent value for money. Shipped on time. Brilliant service.

David Miller, 28/04/2021

Great bit of kit. Only thing negative to say is the weight, it’s rather heavy, but that does mean it feels really sturdy when in use. I’ve got no issues with my 305mm Bosch saw chopping sleepers on it. 👌

Jeremy, 31/03/2021

The saw bench has made my life easier, having to carry my saw across site now I keep it on my bench and wheel it to where I'm working

STUART NEW, 24/03/2021

It’s heavier and the mechanisms not very smooth, I should have perhaps spent more

Alexander Wall, 31/12/2020

Easy to handle,and easy to carry around with the saw on top,I am very happy 🙂👍

Eduard Petrucz, 26/12/2020

Cheapest price and delivered on time

Christopher Lydon, 24/12/2020

Brilliant and well made, allows me to move around with ease

King, 24/12/2020

Very sturdy and strong

Mr david cannell, 30/11/2020

Works well for me, easy and quick to set up and move around, stable in use. I'm using it indoors on a solid floor, might not be so good on rougher ground.Quality of construction is good consumer level, I'm happy with it but it might not stand up to long term professional use.

John Klunder, 27/11/2020

Great stand

Stephen Anson, 27/11/2020

8.5 out of10

Bradley Reeves, 16/09/2020

Really good stand , you won’t go wrong

Mr Darren Trevor Dauncey, 02/09/2020

Fantastic piece of kit. FFX service is also great, no problems.

Stephen Monnery, 26/08/2020

Brilliantly engineered

Lee Offord, 19/08/2020

Good quality built but is too heavy

Veaceslav Leu, 10/08/2020

Good price excellent service

MR G G SANDS, 10/08/2020

Great product, great price, fast postage

Jack barnes, 28/07/2020

It's really well thought out and made as is typical for Makita products. Not a small or light piece of kit especially with a 12 inch mitre saw attached, but of course wheels make it easy to move. However to transport I reckon you need a van and a ramp. Must weigh around 60 kilos.

David Butler, 16/04/2020

Great product saves a lot of time and money!

Tommy Nation, 02/03/2020

Easy to use

Andy Marshall & Laura Keeling, 17/01/2020

Quality really good

Carl Sutton, 29/07/2019

A fine bit of kit, if it is staying on a jobsite for a while. If you intend to move it to different jobs regularly, then its a bit cumbersome and heavy. A big drawback for me is the fact that the saw has to be bolted to the stand, instead of quick release clamps.

Jason, 26/04/2019

Très bonne qualité, s'adapte très facilement. Facile à monter. Très bonne qualité et stabilité

Gilbert Banet, 28/09/2018

wow this great saw stand so easy to put together and makes it so much easier move the mitre saw around with the setting up is quick! I found that you have to lift the stand and pull the lever hard to low it.

Jon Butt, 16/11/2017

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Makita DEAWST05 General Use Mitre Saw Stand

£129.96£215.96ex. VAT

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