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Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set

£145.83ex. VAT

The Makita 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set is a high quality Twin pack Makita guide rail set for the SP6000 plunge saw supplied complete with the rail guide connector, bag and clamp set.

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Product Details


The Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5

Introducing the Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set, a testament to precision and quality. This set is designed for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts who value accuracy and safety in their work.

The set includes two 1.5m guide rails specifically designed for the SP6000 plunge saw. These rails interact seamlessly with the saw base to provide a smooth, dead-on straight or bevelled cut. This not only enhances the accuracy of your work but also significantly improves safety.

The unique feature of this set is its versatility. The guide rails can be joined to another guide rail, expanding your working range and adaptability. This is made possible with the included guide rail connector.

The set also comes with a robust rail bag for convenient storage and transportation, ensuring your tools are ready when you are. The set is completed with a grubscrew, a hex wrench, and a clamp set, providing everything you need for your projects.

Experience the difference in accuracy and safety with the Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set. Purchase today and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights.

Key Features

Brushless MotorFalse
Model Number199141-8pk7

Product specification of Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set


4.3 / 5

Based on 31 reviews

The end of the rail has not been cut a 90 degree so When bolting 2 rails together they pull in the middle so you don’t get a straight line.Disappointed as rest of my makita kit is ace.Still waiting on a replacement or refund from FFX they have been really poor.

andy burgess, 23/06/2023

Awful packaging.. do not purchase from FFX

Gareth Dessent, 15/03/2023

Make life easy, never realised how much I needed one.

paul maironis, 11/03/2023

Really pleased

Linda Seddon, 05/03/2023

Great. Blahhhh

Mr mark doughty-keen, 04/03/2023

Makes life a lot easier to cut accurately.

Mr damian kenniston, 06/02/2022

These are good - my only criticism is that the saw does not rise over the join as smoothly as it could

Tim Downes, 25/10/2021

Makita orgnial bag seem more havy duty than other. I hope it is going to last with guide rail.

Bartlomiej Nowik, 28/05/2021

great tool , very happy with the service

David Jenkins, 27/05/2021

Excellent quality

Mr Richard Bond, 26/05/2021

Great value. Excellent quality. Great service

Mrs Gault, 18/05/2021

Great delivery and superbly packed do arrived in perfect condition Used it straight out of the box with excellent results Many thanks once again FFX

Andy Palmer, 28/04/2021

Great value and product

Adrian Gauntlett, 04/04/2021

Best price and service.

Simon, 24/03/2021

Great quality rails and bag. Easy to use and very accurate with Makita plunge saw.

David G, 17/03/2021

Guides rails didn’t fit in bag had to cut some stitches now I have slits in the bag , emailed ffx no reply Poor service and bad design on the bag really not impressed with ffx

Andrew Wilcox, 17/03/2021

Excellent quality

Kris , 17/03/2021

Good price fast delivery quality

Mate, 26/02/2021

Very pleased it all works very well and is a great time saver

Stephen jackson, 25/02/2021

Good price, fast service. Will buy from them again.

stewart. , 21/01/2021

Good kit, not as good as festool but fine.

Toby Goyder-Shanks, 21/01/2021

An easy way to get these accesories

Chris Gadd, 24/12/2020

Pure customer service and late delivery

Levan Khachidze, 03/12/2020

Cheapest about. Excellent product and fast delivery 👍

Guy Newbury, 18/11/2020

Value for money for a cheaper blade

Andrew vandyke, 26/08/2020

bare in your mind that only the 1400mm pieces can slide into the inner pocket, i purchase two 1500mm wich fit both in the bag perfectly, not too tight at all, and I now feel safer about those delicate items being carried around! there's also an outer pocket, I recon it's better for drawings than to be used for its clamps .

Stefano Franzolini, 14/03/2020

Perfect for all my wood work projects and thanks to ffx for all there help and quick delivery service

BoffyB, 24/01/2020

Great piece of kit well worth the money spent.

Annmarie Russell, 19/07/2019

Spot on service even with their carrier DPD, FFX are my goto tool suppier

Aspect Electrical, 08/02/2019

Didn’t come with clamps....

Brandon Dickinson, 08/06/2018

Exelant no more needs to be said t

andrew abbott, 22/07/2017

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Makita 199141-8pk7 2x1.5m SP6000 Guide Rails Comprehensive Set

£145.83ex. VAT

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