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Hyundai 51101 HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50 Litre Air Compressor

£249.99ex. VAT

The Hyundai HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50L Air Compressor is designed for professional landscapers, gardeners, mechanics and also DIY enthusiasts. This powerful compressor utilises two 750W motors to achieve fantastic power and performance.

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Product Details


The Hyundai HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50L Air Compressor, a powerful and efficient solution for professional landscapers, gardeners, mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Introducing the Hyundai HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50L Air Compressor, a powerful and efficient solution for professional landscapers, gardeners, mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts alike. This robust compressor boasts two 750W motors, delivering exceptional power and performance for a variety of tasks, from spray painting and dust blowing to tyre inflating and air tool operation.

The HY27550 is not just about power; it's also about convenience. It's lighter than most conventional piston-type compressors, weighing only 37kg. With two large wheels and a handle, it's easy to move around your workspace. This compressor is oil-free, eliminating the risk of air contamination and reducing maintenance needs.

For your safety, the HY27550 features an automatic cut-out switch and comes with a twin gauge air pressure regulator. It also includes two wheels and two mounts for easy mobility and setup.

Key features of the Hyundai HY27550 include its powerful dual 750W motors, its lightweight design compared to conventional piston-type compressors, and its suitability for professionals requiring off-grid power.

The HY27550 offers several benefits, such as low noise levels for a better work environment, oil-free operation for minimal maintenance and no oil contamination, and a 50-litre tank capacity providing an air displacement of 11CFM/300 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 100psi/7bar.

Technical specifications include a 13A UK Plug start method, electric power source, 1m cable length, direct drive type, lubricating oil lubrication type, steel tank material, 95% duty cycle, 100/7psi/bar discharge pressure, 118/8psi/bar max pressure, 150L/min air flow FAD, 5.28 air flow FAD (CFM), 300L/min air displacement, 10.6 air displacement (CFM), Euro Quick Release air outlet connection, 240V voltage, 2 x 750W rated power, 1.5/2kW/hp motor power, 1450rpm pump speed, 60dB noise level at 7m, 48kg gross weight, and 39kg net weight.

The Hyundai HY27550 comes with a 240V 2x750W 2hp 50L Air Compressor, two wheels, two mounts, and a user manual. Purchase today and experience the power, performance, and convenience of Hyundai.

Key Features

Model NumberHY27550
Power Sourceelectric

What's in the box

    • 1 x 240V 2x750W 2hp 50L Air Compressor
    • 2 x Wheels
    • 2 x Mounts
    • 1 x User Manual

Product specification of Hyundai 51101 HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50 Litre Air Compressor


5 / 5

Based on 22 reviews

A all round excellent compressor

Les Stimson, 17/12/2023

Nice quiet machine

Janette Thomas, 27/11/2023

Excellent value for the money very quiet bought for nail guns and small spray jobs. You will need a bigger compressor with a higher cfm for serious spraying

ern, 10/11/2023

Very good ,very competitive price

customer, 05/11/2023

Superb! Quiet efficient and pretty damn good looking too!! I bought this from FFX with their £50 off deal, it's worth every penny.

Dave COLE, 17/10/2023

Easy to order ,quick delivery, Great compressor worked with airpowered tools and even for a second didn't lack in power...it provided enough to keep my tools working!!! Very pleased. Thank you

Valentin Dodica, 14/10/2023

Very pleased with this compressor. I decided to go for the 'silent' one and have not regretted it. As the pic shows, I've placed it under my workbench and can happily work at the bench and the noise is just a background 'whir'...I can even talk on the phone while at the bench and can hear every word. Gone are the days when I jumped out of my skin every time the old compressor cut in! Don't think silent means 'no noise at all' because it does make a noise but compared to a standard compressor of similar size there is no comparison...this is more like a very very noisy fridge. So far I've used blowguns, an air drill and two types of air grinder and all have worked well with plenty of power. I cant see me getting into impact wrenches, paint guns etc etc so this is ideal for all the tools I want to use. Be careful to ensure the one you buy is the right size to cope with your intended use but anyone wanting a compressor for light/moderate workshop or home use and quiet enough to have in close proximity wont go far wrong with this one. It's still pretty new so I cant report on reliability! It's sturdy and appears to be well made and I'm pretty sure as long as I keep it well maintained it will serve me well for many years

Alan, 21/09/2023

Top compressor,good quality and most important that works very silently and this was reason of my purchase… Very happy with this product… Highly Recommended …

vytautas kairys, 12/08/2023

Runs very quiet and a nice compact size. Good value for money

Bob Gordon, 25/07/2023

Much better than the entry level compressors, very quiet in operation. I would strongly recommend to pay the bit more to get this over single cylinder low cost versions.

Nic Bowman, 20/06/2023

Great Size fits nice n the garage very quite when running wry happy.

Martin Griggs, 13/06/2023

so far so good- quiet as expected. 4 starts rather than 5 because the unit came with no wheels or connectors, which i had to chase up through customer services

IAN POLLARD, 31/05/2023

Exellent product, value for money and very quiet.

Mr Probert, 02/05/2023

Excellent piece of kit says silent but it’s not far off as it’s very quiet for a compressor. Good quality build and easy to assemble apart from fitting the wheels as it’s confusing on the drawing. The only issue I had was it was damaged when delivered one of the gauges was broken in transit but FFX replaced it with no quibble would recommend product and FFX.

S Watson, 12/04/2023

Very quiet, gets up to pressure very quickly. I’ve connected it to an old compressor’s tank; this enables longer use of “thirsty tools”.

TREVOR FORGE, 25/03/2023

Well built and robust. Only used for LVLP spraying so far but wirls well. Loses a star for having a short, domestic level power cable.

Laurence Carr, 01/03/2023

Haven't used it for any length of time as yet, but it is most definitely quiet compared to most air outlets not compatible with pcl connectors but not a problem does come with its own connectors just have to adapt

Mr Charles Barrett, 15/02/2023

An exceptional product. Super quiet and yet powerful. Totally ideal for the home workshop or more.

John Warman, 27/01/2023

Nice and quiet, produces compressed air as needed (what else would you expect?!). Instructions, especially for fitting the wheels, are rather rubbish but guesswork gets close enough there… Well packaged too - took some breaking down to throw away … if only there was an economical way to return such packaging for reuse 🤷🏻‍♂️

Baldrick, 06/01/2023

Powerful quiet and well made, perfect and more than enough for my needs.

timothy godsmark, 06/12/2022

So quiet compared to a standard oil compressor.

Ben West, 08/11/2022

Very quiet and build ls pressure nicely. Perfect little compressor for the van👍

Mark taylor, 22/10/2022

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Hyundai 51101 HY27550 240V 2x750W 2hp 50 Litre Air Compressor

£249.99ex. VAT

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