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Draper 78643 Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy

£23.29£26.36ex. VAT

Draper 78643 Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy provides easy manoeuvrability and its 65L capacity makes it extremely versatile

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Product Details


The Draper 78643 Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy


A lightweight, but sturdy, caddy for use in the garden that is easy to move around. It has a capacity of 65 litres so you can fill it up with more before having to empty it. This saves you more trips to the garden waste bin. Perfect for home use in the garden to collect up garden debris such as leaves, twigs, branches and soil. Sold as a single garden caddy.


Key Features

Model Number78643

What's in the box

    • 1 x Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy

Product specification of Draper 78643 Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy


4.7 / 5

Based on 32 reviews

Brilliant, no more lifting or dragging. Just what I needed and never thought to buy. Will recommend to friends

eileen sims, 29/09/2023

Lightweight but sturdy - just what I needed 🙂

Ruth Powell, 13/06/2023

Lightweight but sturdy, good manoeuvrability. Unfotrunately couldn't get the little clip on fitting (for holding a broom?) To fit?

Mrs Richardson, 04/06/2023

Very handy in the garden for transporting had tools around the garden

david Stevenson, 04/06/2023

good but couldnt fit the attachment for the garden tool

happy customer, 03/06/2023

Easy to put together, lightweight, capacious, many uses.

Geoff D, 02/06/2023

Lightweight on wheels and easy to maneuver Tool holder doesn’t fit but not necessary

Jeanie, 29/05/2023

Great that it has two wheels and very sturdy.


There’s are similar items on the market but Draper have a better axle configuration which makes it more sturdy and therefore superior

George Howard, 18/05/2023

Light yet study. Great help in garden.

customer, 14/05/2023

Bought for my wife as she was wanting something easier than just a bin to move around garden. So far she loves it and a great size for her

Alan Ewen, 09/05/2023

Great product lightweight easy to move around & sturdy

Customer, 29/04/2023

Fantastic great find made life easier

june johnson, 27/03/2023

I have only given this 4stars as I haven’t really used it yet and the clip that clips on the wheels doesn’t look very strong ,but am hoping it will be ok ,as will be very useful .

Merle Wort, 18/03/2023

Really pleased with this item, bought another! Shopped around and found it ar more expensive else here, FFX deal was too good to ignore.

D Taylor, 12/03/2023

Although the caddy turned up with only one wheel and no fixtures or fittings to attach any wheels, the item was good quality and worth the money. Custom service were excellent and refunded me, didn't want it back so I gave the caddy away as I couldn't use it

faye billson, 26/11/2022

Very sturdy and does what it says on the tin!

Jan , 29/10/2022

strong light well made great price

pete, 23/08/2022

Very useful will be interesting how log it lasts

Jacquelyne, 07/06/2022

Not very strong, but very useful, use it a lot, easy to wheel about.

Sue Foster-collins, 03/06/2022

So far so good, lovely and light, very easy to move around bought to move compost around to fill up my garden pots. This will make gardening so much easier and eliminate moving heavy compost bags around saving me from back ache.

Julie Green, 02/06/2022


sharon wiggin, 12/04/2022

Very easy to use particularly in small spaces and for the elderly

Christine Glover, 07/04/2022

Ideal for storing and transporting garden tools around.

Martin, 30/03/2022

We needed 3 deliveries to get an undamaged one ! First on had broken base, second one had broken handle. Packaging not suitable.

Anon, 25/03/2022

Perfect for purpose.

Tracy, 15/03/2022

This is fantastic as I have limited mobility so I can put all my garden tools in & move them to where I need them. Then can fill up with garden rubbish & move to garden bin to empty. Recommend for anyone who wants to make gardening that little bit easier.

Alison Barrasso, 06/03/2022

Looks as per the picture but have not used the caddy as a surprise present for our daughter for Christmas. Sure that it will be used a lot as looks very versitile & was endorsed by a lady in a local garden centre who had bought one before & came back for another one to replace a very old one!

Caroline Burroughs, 04/12/2021

Excellent product! Doesn’t tip over and takes a large load! Wouldn’t recommend any other garden caddy.

Ruth Averley, 02/10/2021

Easy to use

Paul still, 02/09/2021

Good piece of kit

john stacey, 25/08/2021

Ok, large capacity but bit flimsy

Helen Beer, 30/04/2018

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Draper 78643 Expert Lightweight Garden Caddy

£23.29£26.36ex. VAT

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